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moments from Silke Fleischer on Vimeo.

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Munich Jewellery Week

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Capturing Moments

[About] In the work - developed from a rigorously formal starting point - composition is key. Influenced through form, movement and repetition, a structure based on compositional methods appears. Repeating one single form through it’s very austere minimalistic appearance, an action follows. ...

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open studio

CAPTURING MOMENTS - HOPEFULLY YOURS SOON  [About] An absolute wearable collection of rings, and earrings in silver, gold and fusions. Made on the sideline of a much wider project, an installation and a book Fleischer's working on at this ...

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After 10 years of teaching, Silke Fleischer is starting with an open workhouse in the deep natural environment of Antwerp's northern woods. Fleischer has been connected as jewellery teacher since 2005 and as assistent professor at the university MAD-PXL in Belgium. She offers a ...


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_Exhibitions 2015 "Belgisch bei Bengel"30/4-19/5/2015 Villa Bengel, Idar-ObersteinAs part of the exhibition programme „Idar-Oberstein adorned“ following duo-exhibition will be shown at Villa Bengel. "Magnification Reframed"Artist: Peter Vermandere...

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between me and her

[About] At some point you look in the mirror and ask: who is this person? What happened on the way, how did you get there? Did you grow up? Is this still you or is this somebody else? You look to this ...

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close cooperation

In JEWELLERY SESSIONS 13/2, I decided to collaborate with the photographer Lisa Carletta for the first time. Lisa Carletta is a Belgian photographer, who started her career in 2008 following her diploma in advertising. Her work was noticed for the first time during the contest ...

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_Guest Professor, Object & Jewellery, Mad-Faculty, PXL University College, Hasselt(BE)This year, I am teaching the 2BA, 3BA and advice the Masters at the department Object & Jewellery, Mad-Faculty ...

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dance classes

_Masterclass Rosas, Cynthia Loemij, Brussels(BE) 2014             _Course Isabella Soupart, Brussels 2013Focus sur la présence et l’intelligence corporelle, un ...

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seven ways of going

[About]   I’ve got seven ways of going I’ve got seven ways to be I’ve got seven sweet disguises I’ve got seven ways of being me …   [Patti Smith - The histories ...

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Jewellery classes

_Memory of a Place, Sint-Lucas Antwerp alumni at Suomussalmi, Finland. 2014 According to Oliver Sacks, our place in the world, our space in the universe, is based on ...

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[About] The pieces combine a few ‘strong’ materials, in a fragile, weak condition or appearance.  Bound, pierced, labeled, marked, knotted together. Steel, iron, tin, silver and hematite.  Hematite is the mineral form of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) one of several ...

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FROM JEWELRY TO VISUALS - EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT How do we react, how do we record, how do we collect? How do we play with situations, images, actions, objects, sound, language, space, provided or improvised? We work from a research group, ...


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Jewellery Sessions 2I13

[Curating]  JEWELLERY SESSIONS started in april 2012, a platform where jewel makers explore a creative process through a collaboration with another discipline. Each project departs from a specific context. It aims at starting a dialogue, sharing thoughts, exchanging visions and ...

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familiar objects and settings of varying locations and periods

flapping 06.02.13 from Silke Fleischer on Vimeo.printed porcelain, steel, aluminium   

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Pick Up

[About] The piece creates a typology that reminds the viewer of every such object ever encountered, without actually lending the object any particular features or anything that actually identifies it’s originally purpose or function. 3-Dimensional documentations, structures, designed for all, though for no – ...

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[Course] (...) working on experimental pieces printed in porcelain for a couple of weeks at the fablab noord brabant, a part of sundaymorning@ekwc in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands: "Our mission to make digital fabrication available to ...


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Pick Up tiara

[Exhibition] Schmuck Show 2012 organised by Kinga Zobel, gallery BIRÓ     ©Ian Segal    

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[Graphic design] Looking back at a period of 5 exciting years of exhibiting and inviting jewellery artists in Silke & the Gallery, I am heading for a new direction. These sketches and final business card is the result of this ongoing search....

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Jewellery Sessions 1I11

[Curated] Hanna Hedman & Sanna Lindberg. I find it interesting to use photographs as a compliment to my jewelry. I am foremost a jewelry and object maker, but I find it interesting to heighten awareness of wearability and relation to the human body and ...

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[Graphic design] 

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[Graphic design] Last year the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp closed his doors for renovation. I could "save" much of the labels wich were presented together with paintings of great masters and used some of them in a different context....

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[Founder] Highlight 2005-2010       Mia Maljojoki - Fireworks 2010 

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Pick Up originals

[About] The most recent series of jewellery artist Silke Fleischer embraces the everyday object as a precious thing. In ‘Pickups’ and ‘Fittings’ she focuses and zooms in on our relation with mass-produced objects, usually lacking our attention, but intrinsically sharing a hidden and purposeful design. A ...

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Pieter Mathysen

drawings made by Pieter Mathysen for The Jewellery Compendium, Darling Publications    ...

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[About] Trained in the arts of silversmithing and ceramics, Silke Fleischer has adopted an unusual approach to jewellery design, bringing together the two disciplines to create a body of work highly evocative in its aesthetic. Establishing her pieces as part of a wider investigation ...

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