ongoing serial rings 2015 - ...
silver, copper, yellow gold, red gold, fusions
images Maarten Mellemans

Drumming was created in August 1988 to a composition of Steve Reich. Dancing "drumming" during a masterclass by Rosas inspired me to develop my work from a rigorously formal starting point where composition is key. Just like the music, the dance proceeds from a single motion phrase, explored exhaustively and unremittingly for an hour through endless combinations, variations and transformations, by reversing it, speeding it up and slowing down. Influenced through form, movement and repetition, a structure based on composition methods appears. Repeating one single form through it's very austere minimalistic appearance, an action follows. A slow movement who is changing through time, giving these series of rings an impression of motion/change.
image (below) Hanna Hedman